Everything You Need to Know About Biking in Singapore

Cycling is great. It has a lot of benefits that are great for your health and budget. But in the Lion City, there is a lot more to having a bike, going to a bicycle shop for maintenance and repair, and cycling all over the country than what you initially think.

Here are all the things you need to know about cycling in Singapore to get you started:

1. You can pedal around most of Singapore on a bike.
Though road cycling isn’t advisable, you can actually get around most of the Lion City without ever using the main road. There are a lot of off-road paths across the country that you can get through on a bike that you otherwise can’t when on a bus.

Think of biking as unlocking a hidden extra in a video game, as these places can be a little difficult to get to. However, the best part of cycling is finally reaching the destination and seeing how gorgeous it looks against the sunset.

2. Bike sharing is now available and easy (if you don’t have your own bike with you).
It may have taken a while for Singapore to catch up on the concept, but bike sharing is now available in the country allowing you to pay almost nothing when you arrive from point A to point B, and there are many different apps for you to choose from.

The bike apps are non-docking in nature. However, you may need to place a deposit to ensure that the bike system stays damage-free and abuse-free. Additionally, the apps contain a history of past trips to give you a reference for which routes you have taken or want to take in the future.

3. Bicycle shops are easy to find in Singapore.
Looking for spare parts, bicycle accessories, or even a new bike altogether? Head on over to a bicycle shop in Singapore! Not only can you find all these, but you can also get to meet other enthusiasts that share the same hobby as you, and you can leave the shop with not just the new parts that you need, but also with new friends you can go biking with.

Some bicycle shops even double as cafés, which are great when you need a quick pit stop from your daily or afternoon cycling trips across the country. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t even need to visit the bicycle shop. You can simply order what you want online and wait for the delivery to arrive at your doorstep.

4. You don’t need to be scared of losing your bike.
Crime rate is extremely low, with the number of reported stolen bikes lower than about ten every year. Once you get your bike, you will receive a sticker with a number as a safety feature. This is so that the authorities will be able to easily find it.

However, you still have to take precautions – having these bicycle accessories, such as a bike lock – just to be safe.

(Disclaimer: This list is compiled in no particular order.)